St. Louis has a proud architectural heritage, with many different design styles. Slate Roofing is prominently featured in STL’s most affluent neighborhoods including, Frontenac, Clayton, Ladue, and many locations in the city.

Why Donovan for Slate Roofing in STL?

We are the best at installing slate, tile and copper roofing on homes of any size. Donovan Roofing and Construction, LLC is locally owned and operated in St. Louis, providing residential and commercial roofing services. The mission and goals we set on day one haven’t changed – deliver top quality, cost-effective projects within budget and on time.

We approach each new project as if it was our own, staffing highly performing teams that are motivated, flexible and focused. With over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service from the initial estimate and claim to the final inspection. During a time when most companies are not there to support you, we are here. Our trained team accurately assess your damage, and recommend the best course of action, while always putting our customers best interest first.

We are going to reach out to your insurance company directly so you can relax. This will keep you ensured that your storm-damaged property is replaced with quality products and expert installation. We will make these repairs as quickly as possible while treating you and your property with the utmost respect. With our vast knowledge and experience, we can accurately bid your project based on your insurance company’s predetermined rates. This eliminates any surprise charges later when we accomplish all your needed repairs. As a financially stable, passionate and reputable company, your ONLY cost is your insurance policy’s deductible – No surprises, No hidden costs. We look forward to speaking to you soon and having the privilege of earning your business now and in the future


Reasons To Buy a Slate Roof

There are many reasons for you to own a slate roof. Today we will get into a discussion on what the pros of having a slate roof are.

  • Environment Approved– Statistics show that 5% of landfill waste comes from our roofs. Remember shingled roofs last between 15 to 25 years. So they are being replaced constantly, filling our landfills sky high.
  • Fire Proof– Unlike your shingle roof, Slate roofs are virtually fireproof. The tile its self is 100% fireproof. This is why when you look at homes that are built out in the areas known for wildfires, most of these homes have slate roofs.  I know we don’t have to deal with wildfires very much or at all here. The idea though behind this is for the 4th of July, lightning storms and many other things that can cause a roof to be hot.
  • Long Lasting– Slate roofs have been known sometimes to last 150 years. So this means slate roofs last 6x longer. This is a great reason to buy it.  You always hear people talking about they are needing to get their roof replaced. If they would have bought a slate roof from Donovan Roofing they wouldn’t be having this problem.
  • Keep Up With The Jones– Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in Ladue, Mo and noticed some of the older homes and the roofs look incredibly beautiful. Generally, this is because these homes were built with a slate roof. The slate roof allows you to custom build your design to meet your specifications. I bet if you were to reach out today you would be surprised by how many styles are available.


We would love to come to give you a bid today.