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Archive for December 2018

The Slate Roof Maintenance Guide

Up front a slate roof is costly, the reason is that it will last for a long time. Since you spent a lot of money on it, you are going to want to keep up with a slate roof maintenance plan. A slate roof sometimes needs more upkeep. The good part is that the maintenance is…

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Frequently Asked Hail Damage Questions

When St. Louis gets hit with a hail storm it causes major damage to your roof. Donovan Roofing wants to make sure all of your hail questions are answered. Our damage repair services are top of the line and ready to assist you.   Do I Need A Roof Inspection? It is very important to…

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How To Build Trust With Your St. Charles, MO Roofing Contractor

It Is Important To Retain A Good Working Relationship With Your Roofing Contractor! It causes so many headaches when you are working with your home improvement contractors who don’t respond to you. You call them to check on progress and you do not hear anything back. You want to be updated on the work in…

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How to File an Insurance Claim on Your Roof

When a storm comes through St. Louis we know it can be very dangerous. Usually, we get inside our homes and take cover. Unfortunately, our homes tale the damage. When you notice damage to your roof it can quite a headache. Going through the insurance process is tricky. Donovan Roofing wants to make this easy for you. Use…

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Budget Friendly Slate Roof Repair St. Louis, Mo

Slate Roof Repair Nothing can match the beauty of a slate roof. A natural slate roof can outlast you. This is a step by step guide for slate roof repair. It is one of the most durable types of roof that you can buy. You can use it on your home like many homes in…

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