Slate Roof Repair

Nothing can match the beauty of a slate roof. A natural slate roof can outlast you. This is a step by step guide for slate roof repair. It is one of the most durable types of roof that you can buy. You can use it on your home like many homes in St. Louis, Mo they still hold their looks and the test of time. Just remember to keep your roof lasting longer than you will own the home, it does take a bit of maintenance. To get the most life out of your roof repair and inspect it regularly.


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Getting to your Roof

To keep you with the maintenance and repairing of your slate roof, we will need to access it safely. Find the area that you feel will need to be repaired. When a slate roof is wet, it can be almost as slippery as ice. Since it is a natural stone product it can also grow some moss on it. Before you get on the roof, please make sure you have properly cleaned any area that has and growth or moss on it. Slipping on the roof could cause a lot more damage that we are out to fix.


St. Louis Slate Roof Repairing

Tools Needed To Repair A Slate Roof.

  • Slate Cutter
  • Hammer
  • Flat Pry Bar
  • Slate Ripper
  • Tin Snips
  • Chicken Ladder
  • Caulk Gun

Materials Needed To Fix A Slate Roof.

  • Replacement Tiles
  • Copper Roofing Nails
  • Sheet Copper
  • Polyurethane Caulk

Removing A Damaged Slate Tile

As a result of a damaged slate tile, there are normally bits and pieces of the tile left behind. You will also see leftover nails that were used to secure the tile. This is a good time to start removing any of the pieces left over. We will also remove those nails that will get in the way. This is a must do step before we can insert the new tile.

We are going to use the ripping tool and use the hook to remove those leftover nails. If you feel comfortable using your hammer and you have the room that will be fine as well. insert the ripper so that nail is in the middle of the hook. You can hit your hammer on the opposite end of the ripper and it will pop the nail out. Generally, this will either rip the nail out or cut it.

Slate Tile Size

After you have cleaned out where the broken tile laid. We are going to want to size up the replacement tile. This is going to be a very important step. Grab your slate tile and lay it on top of where it will be laid. IF the tile needs to be sized up, this is when we will use our slate cutter. A lot of times roofers will use the original tile to size up the new tile. You can only do this is the original tile was not broken. If you see the new tile is a bit bigger you can trim the new tile to size.

Replace The Broken Slate Tile

Time for us to replace the broken tile. Remember when you install the new tile we want to make sure it isn’t nailed down tight. At this point, we are going to use our copper roofing nails. When we are hammering them in the should be flush with the surface. When you hit the nails to tight it can cause our tile to break apart.

Let’s slide the new tile into its spot. We are going to place it under the slate above it. When you slide the new tile up into the spot. You could feel some resistance. This means there is still some stuff for you to clean out from the broken tile. Grab your slate ripper and get in there and clean it top to bottom. Try to slide the late where the bottom of that slate is flush with slates on each side.

Now that we have put the slate into its new home. We are going to attach it using our copper roofing nails.  Put the first nail in between those two slates above it. Make sure that nail is installed about 2″ above the first nail. You will want to use two nails. This will prevent it from rotating.

Installing Copper Slip Under The Replacement Slate

Time to insert the copper slip after the nails have been secured. We are going to use this copper slip to Flow water. Cut the copper slip so it is about 4 to5 inches wide.

Once the copper slip has been measured and cut. You will place a small bend in it. This will help apply tension to the slate so it will stay in place. You are going to slide the copper under the edge of the two slates. Once everything is nailed down, you should have a roof that is once again pristine and ready to last a lifetime.

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