Up front a slate roof is costly, the reason is that it will last for a long time. Since you spent a lot of money on it, you are going to want to keep up with a slate roof maintenance plan. A slate roof sometimes needs more upkeep. The good part is that the maintenance is going to be cheap.

Check Your Roof Regularly

Donovan Roofing advises you to check out your roof at least once a year. A thorough inspection from top to bottom will go along way in keeping your roof in top shape. Generally, it is advised to check it before winter hits, it is cold in St. Charles, Mo so we know all about this weather. Now the thing is we want to keep foot traffic at a minimum. The more you walk on it the more it can crack. If you decide to get on the roof try not to walk on the edge of the slate. You will want to evenly distribute your weight. Also, make sure you secure your self so you do not fall off the roof. When the roof is wet it is very slippery so be careful.

Roof Leaks

If you notice your roof is leaking you will want to get it fixed asap. A small leak can cause a big headache if it is left alone. The more it drips the more the damage will spread. A lot of people get upset at the slate roof leak thinking that the slate is the reason for the leak. You have flashing underneath the slate that can come loose. Generally, your gutters and flashing are weak spots to a slate roof.

If you notice a cracked tile or broken tile please try to replace it immediately. That small crack means water is getting through. again if you let water in at any time it is going to cause you big trouble.

Important Check Points

Standing on the ground and looking up at your slate roof isn’t an inspection. If you have a second floor on your home you should go upstairs and give a good look around. Sometimes you will find slate tiles that have warped and crumbled. If you notice one of those make sure it is replaced. You do not want to leave any stone alone. Get up on the ladder and look up and down your tiles. Slate roof maintenance is easy, just make sure you keep up with it.

Slate Roof Maintenance


Cleaning My Slate Roof


If you decide to clean your slate roof, make sure you use a soft brush. Since your roof is stone slate, you will not want to use any hard chemicals. If you do use soap, make sure it gets washed off as well. Some folks like to have the tile power washed and notice it messed up the tiles. If we could write a slate roof maintenance guide, it would be this page. With a few simple steps, it will last you a lifetime.